BCCN Attorneys File Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit against GNC and Walmart; Target and Walgreens Under Review

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BCCN attorneys Vanessa Cantley and Nathan Williams filed a nationwide class action suit in early February on behalf of consumers. The lawsuit targets General Nutrition Centers and Walmart for distributing “nutritional supplements” that were found to contain different ingredients than advertised, including, in some instances, none of the labeled ingredients. Cases against Target and Walgreens are also being reviewed for merit.

The New York State Attorney General’s office found, upon testing, that GNC brand St. John’s Wort contained no St. John’s Wort, but did contain garlic, rice, and remnants of a common houseplant. Similarly, the same brand’s Ginseng and Echinacea found no ginseng or echinacea in either.

Tests of Target’s Up & Up brand Gingko Biloba, St. John’s Wort and Valerian Root showed that none of the supplements contained the advertised main ingredient. Several other supplements were found to have inconsistencies, and to contain ingredients that were not listed, including rice and other vegetables.

Walmart’s Finest Nutrition brand tests showed no main ingredient listed in the following: Gingko Biloba, St. John’s Wort, Ginseng, Garlic, and Echinacea. All supplements were found to contain rice; several contained plant matter. Spring Valley brand supplements tests yielded the same results.

BCCN is currently reviewing and accepting cases against GNC, Target, Walmart and Walgreens on a nationwide basis.