Workplace Accident Attorneys in Louisville

Filing Third Party & Workers' Compensation Claims

No matter how hard you work or how careful you are on the job, you cannot prevent the unfortunate injuries that can and do occur at work. Like all states, Kentucky mandates that injured employees be covered by and receive benefits under workers' compensation laws. At Bahe Cook Cantley & Nefzger PLC, our Louisville workers' compensation attorneys represent individuals like yourself who have been hurt on the job.

Workers' compensation offers no-fault benefits, which means that regardless of who was at fault, an injured employee can receive benefits. However, if you suffered a workplace injury caused by someone other than the employer, such as some other unrelated third party, you may be able to additionally file a personal injury claim.

The benefits you may receive from workplace' compensation include:

  • Payment of medical expenses
  • Partial substitution of income loss during periods of disability
  • Compensation for permanent impairments from the injury

Legal Assistance for Workplace Injuries

The only requirement an employee must meet to obtain workers' compensation benefits is that the injuries occurred while working. If an employer's or a co-worker's careless or reckless conduct resulted in the injury, disease, or illness, you cannot sue them for those actions under a personal injury claim. However, if a third party who is not an employer or a co-worker caused your injury, you may bring a claim against that party in addition to your workers' compensation claim. This includes damages for pain and suffering which is not covered and provided for by your employer.

Filing Personal Injury Claims Against Third Parties

If you even suspect that the injuries were caused by a third party, such as a manufacturer, it is vital that you let us know so we can investigate the possibility of a third party claim. The laws of workers' compensation and who can be held legally responsible may seem confusing. This is why having a Louisville personal injury lawyer on your side to guide you is so important. We can understand the severity of the injuries you have suffered and how they can alter your life and your ability to make a living.

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