BCCN Partner Vanessa Cantley Speaks Out on WKU Swim Team Suspension

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BCCN partner Vanessa Cantley spoke with WHAS 11 in a segment to air tonight, voicing her support for her client Collin Craig. Craig’s decision to come forward and reveal alcohol and sexual abuse resulted in a comprehensive investigation of the Western Kentucky University swimming and diving program, and a decision to suspend the team for five years.

“It’s going to follow him wherever he goes now and for him to have recognized that was the potential outcome and to stand up anyway and say, ‘No, enough is enough here, this has got to stop,’ I don’t know that I would have had that courage at 19 years old and the fact that he does is amazing,” Cantley said in her interview.

Craig told police that junior members of the Swimming and Diving team, as well as new recruits, were forced to consume alcohol at dangerous rates, and that sexual assault was normalized. Coaches were aware of the behaviors and encouraged team members to keep the behaviors secret.

“The pervasive culture of misconduct in the swimming and diving program is intolerable. A five year suspension is both necessary and prudent,” WKU President Gary Ransdell said.

Ransdell and Athletic Director Todd Stewart announced to team members and coaching staff Tuesday morning that the university would suspend the program for five years and eliminate several of its coaching positions as of June 30.