Equipment Defects That Commonly Cause Truck Accidents

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One of the leading causes of truck accidents in America is trucker exhaustion and negligence. However, equipment failure, which is largely out of the truck driver’s control, is also the reason behind hundreds – if not thousands – of crashes every year. Trucking companies must take reasonable steps to ensure every truck in their fleet is in top condition and quality before it hits the highways. It is also their ultimate responsibility to see to it that mechanics are completing appropriate repairs and maintenance. If not, catastrophic truck accidents could be the result, and the trucking company could be held liable.

Parts commonly found to be the cause of truck accidents when they fail include:

Brakes: Large commercial trucks and big rigs need powerful braking systems to bring the heavy vehicle to a complete stop. When brakes are not maintained, or if a brake line snaps, it might be impossible to stop a semi-truck before it crashes into other vehicles or a structure.
Tires: All of the multi-ton weight of a commercial truck bears down on its tires. 18-wheelers have that many tires mainly to spread the weight more evenly. Tires that wear down and are not replaced my burst suddenly while the truck is in motion. This can either cause the truck to careen out of control, or throw dangerous chunks of rubber at nearby motorists.
Underride guards: At the end of a tractor trailer, metal underride guards are installed to stop smaller cars from drifting underneath it, or slamming underneath during a rear-end collision. Defective or damaged underride guards – also called safety bars – may not stop a car from going under the commercial truck. Some of the most severe injuries in trucking accidents are suffered by drivers who are trapped beneath the trailer.
Securements: Straps, restraints, cables, chains, and more may all be necessary to keep the cargo and freight hauled by a tractor trailer in place during transit. If one piece of the total securements fails or brakes, it could become a significant hazard for any driver behind the vehicle.
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