Glasgow, Kentucky Wreck Injures Two

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Gilbert Pysher and his passenger, Kenneth Pysher, both suffered from serious injuries, resulting in transportation by ambulance to T.J. Samson Community Hospital, where reports indicate they are in stable condition. The crash happened at the intersection of KY 218, when Krista Mitchell was attempting to pull onto U.S. 31-E when she struck the vehicle driven by Gilbert Pysher.

Kentucky law provides that drivers on roadways owe a duty of care to other drivers and their passengers to operate their vehicles in a safe and reasonable manner. In order to prevail on a claim of negligence, passengers and drivers of other vehicles would need to assert and prove that the at-fault driver breached this duty by failing to operate his or her vehicle as a reasonably prudent driver would in similar circumstances. Recoverable damages could potentially include property damage, medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability, and pain and suffering.

While driver error seems the most likely cause, a full and complete investigation should be performed to determine exactly what the contributing factors were and answer all the questions the injured will have as to why and how this accident happened. It is always possible that a mechanical failure, defective maintenance or repair or some other defective condition resulted in the wreck happening. Hopefully, the driver and his passenger make a full and speedy recovery.