Half of Nationwide E. coli Outbreak Cases Have Been Reported in Kentucky

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An outbreak of E. coli from tainted ground beef has affected people across 10 states, hospitalizing 21 people. Health officials believe the incident could be linked to the nationwide E. Coli outbreak, which the federal government has been investigating since late March of this year.

The CDC reported 177 cases of E. coli in 6 states, with 65 cases reported in Kentucky. According to the state health department, the cases reported in Kentucky involve both children and adults, with many of the infected residing in Central Kentucky. In early April, the Associated Press reported that half of the E. coli cases were reported in Kentucky, with 8 people hospitalized in Kentucky.

K2D Foods, doing business as Colorado Premium Foods in Carrolton, Georgia has been identified as a source of the outbreak and is recalling over 113,000 pounds of its raw ground beef. Grant Park Packing in Illinois is also recalling over 53,000 pounds of its raw ground beef products. Since the investigation began, no deaths have been reported. On Friday, April 26, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that “the CDC said both companies had ground beef samples test positive for E. coli 0103, which is responsible for the current outbreak,” but “more testing is underway to try to establish a definitive link between the contaminated meat and the particular bacteria strain that’s caused illness.”

CNN reported that 84 of those reporting illnesses also “reported eating ground beef in the week before their symptoms began, according to the CDC.” Though the CDC is not recommending consumers to avoid any particular food, the public is advised to contact a health care provider if they experience symptoms of an E. coli infection. These symptoms include severe stomach cramps, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. At least one Kentucky woman has filed a lawsuit.

As the investigation continues, the skilled attorneys at BCCN are consulting with those affected by the outbreak to review and evaluate their cases. If you or a loved one has been affected by the outbreak, contact us today.