Multi-vehicle Crash Results in 15 Injured, 1 Fatality

William NefzgerNews

Kentucky State Police are investigating a deadly 12 vehicle accident on I-24 eastbound in Lyon County, Kentucky. The incident occurred on Friday, June 28th, when 42-year-old Coleman Strachman of North Carolina rear-ended slowed traffic with his semi-truck. Unfortunately, 19-year-old Jace Smothers of Kansas suffered fatal injuries. 15 more people sustained non-fatal injuries, five of which required airlifts to nearby hospitals, and more were taken by ambulance for emergency care.

While it is very early in the investigation, it appears driver error by Mr. Strachman may be the cause of the crash. However, many questions remain that need answers. The investigating police department or agency (in this case, it appears to be the Kentucky State Police) should perform a full investigation. This would include a reconstruction of the accident, which is a matter of routine in such a serious case. While driver error is always a prime suspect, causes like mechanical failure, shoddy maintenance or repair, and defective products or parts should be considered and ruled out by the investigation.

Those involved in accidents like this should be aware that the negligent party’s insurance company routinely performs its own investigation in order to build a case to defend its drivers from liability. While it may not be your first thought when you’ve been injured or a loved one has died, hiring representation of your own is very helpful in protecting your legal interests. The attorneys at Bahe Cook Cantley & Nefzger PLC have represented thousands of people injured in a wide range of motor vehicle accidents.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the injured, deceased and their friends and families. We hope the survivors make speedy recoveries and that all involved receive answers.

At Bahe Cook Cantley & Nefzger PLC, we use our blog as a forum to educate the public by discussing real-life events. Our firm is very sensitive to the fact that these events have resulted in a tragedy that will inflict great pain and sorrow on those involved and those close to the victim(s). We will immediately remove a post if a victim or their loved ones request it.

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