Officer who hit Pedestrian was Traveling at a High Rate of Speed

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Kentucky State Police investigators say the Stanford Police Department officer who hit a pedestrian with his cruiser last winter was determined to be traveling at a high rate of speed at the time, but will not be facing criminal charges.

The Lincoln County coroner says Howard Robbins, 69, of Crab Orchard, was walking along KY150 on the night of Jan. 15 when Officer Travis Richardson hit him. EMS took Robbins to the Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to the Interior Journal, KSP say Richardson was traveling 90 mph when he hit Robbins. The speed limit is 55 mph in that area. While Officer Richardson was not on duty, he was on his way to work at the time of the collision. The cruiser’s dash-cam captured the wreck. This assisted the police with their investigation.

The Commonwealth Attorney said he would not file criminal charges against Richardson.

“I just don’t think there’s enough there to charge him as a criminal. There was speed but there was no alcohol or drugs. I don’t think there’s enough there to convict him beyond a reasonable doubt of a criminal offense. Now there might be a civil offense,” Montgomery told the Interior Journal.

It remains unclear why Richardson was driving so fast. What is clear, however, is that this person’s carelessness has resulted in death, and the family deserves answers.

It is quite obvious, due to the Officer traveling at almost double the speed limit; that he failed to operate his vehicle in a safe manner. Robbins’ estate could potentially have a wrongful death claim against the driver for hitting him. KRS 411.130 allows for a party with a qualifying relationship with the deceased, such as a spouse or child, to hold the party who negligently or intentionally caused their loved one’s death liable for damages. Robbins’ estate may similarly have an independent claim for negligence.

Stanford Mayor Eddie Carter said a hearing is scheduled June 30.

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