Monsanto parent Bayer settlement over Roundup claims still in negotiation

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Rumors have circulated since early August of this year that Monsanto parent company, Bayer, may have made overtures of an $8 billion deal to settle about 18,000 claims that its weedkiller Roundup causes cancer. However, the rumors have been negated by the special mediator, Ken Feinberg, who called the report “pure fiction.” “Bayer has not proposed paying $8 billion to …

Woman uses Roundup

Litigation Against “Roundup” Grows After Thousands Claim the Herbicide Product Causes Cancer

John Bahe News

More than 10,000 people have taken legal action against Bayer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, with claims that the company’s herbicide product, “Roundup,” causes cancer. A San Francisco-based federal judge overseeing the litigation will not overturn a jury’s verdict in favor of a Bay Area man who claimed years of using Roundup weed killer caused him …